Friday, May 05, 2006

Bakehouse Quarter Markets...

This time I made it happen. I took my racing bike and had a look around the Bakehouse Quarter Markets in North Strathfield and as you can see there was plenty to explore. I actually do like the streetart stuff the most but don't want to hide anything and decided to put everything up what I could find. And so I let you judge what you think about the scene here...

Let me start with the current adicolor campaign as it is very streetart related and I don't know if you have the same in Europe. So actually what they do is that they have already posters where the 'authentic' three stripes are cut out and they kind of 'cross' all the other posters and use them as a accidental filling for their stripes. So I guess all the other poster guys are a little bit pissed of about that as half of their Ad's are blocked out. Quiet rough game which is adidas playing here...

This typo on the bridge is really massive and quiet old already. In fact the biscuit factory in North Strathfield is already closed since long time. But as we see the letters last longer ;)

I put my bike their so that you guys get a feeling of the size of this f*cking massive stencils.

Despite their size these stencils still have some dope details like these drips.

You definitely know what his most favourite meal is ;)

This guy is quiet all over the place with different styles and spellings.

I guess here I have to explain something. So most of the graff stuff I photographed in this massive empty 'river' system which seem to be endless. If the concrete wouldn't be so difficult to paint this could become the longest hall of fame in the world. Imagine hundreds of kilometers covered with paint. And during the dry season you can use them as raceway too. I enjoyed my bike ride there, imagine how much fun it would be to do this with a Quad or Motorbike, yeah!!!

Story to be continued... If you are from Sydney and know some hidden gems and places just contact me via By the way we will offer over the next weeks a special discount on all our sticker range when you include a small credit of us as your supplier. So don't miss out on this one and hurry, just visit WWW.CROMATICS.CO.UK See you next time around.

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Henry said...

We have had Cromatics leaflets stuck on our houses in the middle of Brighton and they don't come off at all easily.

We have better things to do that look for stuff that will dissolve the glue. What a lot of arseholes you must be.